Gastronomic center of your office

Stylish microstore made of natural materials with open rack display of products, reach-in coolers and/or freezers, and a coffee station.
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All products are in open display,
no salesmen, no oversight.
Trust is the basis of
a favorable climate in
the office
For whom?
Offices, coworkings, business centers.
Micromarkets make it possible to organize complex meals for staff even in a limited space. It is much more convenient and favorable for employees to get complex lunches and snacks without leaving the office.
Micromarkets are replacing corporate canteens, giving staff access to nutritious lunches and light snacks at any time. Educational institutions use our ready-to-eat solution as an alternative to cafeterias, canteens, and retail outlets. In the lobbies of hospitals and medical centers, micromarkets are replacing beverage and snack outlets.
Governmental, medical and educational organizations.
Automated self-checkout technology
Pay in safe, touchless, and easy-to-use self-checkout kiosk or mobile app.
Merchandisers monitor expiration dates daily. No wilted salads or buns.
Freshness Control
We analyze demand, we listen to the wishes of the audience, we correct and regularly add popular and seasonal items to the menu.
Verified assortment
It's unlikely that your favorite chocolate will run out of stock or you can't get a hot meal. Proper merchandising and top-notch IT solutions help to avoid such mishaps.
Unique IT solutions to provide sufficient stocks

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Lounge modules
An office you want to return.
Thinking about employees' well-being increase their loyalty and productivity

Increased loyalty and productivity of employees.
The place of attraction to eat or have a refreshing cup of coffee
Cozy atmosphere to discuss work matters or the latest football game
We make offices ideal places to work
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